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New Year & New Approach for Estate Agency

New Year & New Approach for Estate Agency
Happy New Year, and welcome to the Harrisons blog.

Since opening in 2016, The team at Harrisons have been working hard to do the absolute best for our customers, we keep our customers updated and are not afraid to go the extra mile, so we can safely say that our customers come first.

We have sold many properties and rented quite a few too. In that time, we have also be studying the market place, and the behaviours of other High Street Estate agents as any business would do with their competitors. However in 2017, we have been focusing on the biggest change to the industry, and that is Online sites. The fact is this, they offer virtually all the services of a traditional estate agent – and their fees can be thousands of pounds lower.

The housing market in the South West is rising and falling with everything that happens in the UK economy, but one thing is sure, as the market gathers momentum, one group of people hoping to rake in the cash will be estate agents. But a growing number of house sellers are shunning the traditional approach and marketing their properties online, saving thousands of pounds in the process.

High-street estate agents in the South West charge between 1.25% and 1.5% of the sale price, or up to a whopping £6,000 on a £300,000 property, online rivals offer a flat fee of between £795 and £1,250. This breed of private-sale sites and low-cost online agents now accounts for around 5% of completed sales and rising, according to the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors.

The biggest sites all report a rising number of property listings and sales, and the ability to save sellers a chunk of cash, as the sites do not need to fund a chain of offices and company cars. The main thing to know when selling online, is that you have to show prospective buyers around your property yourself, but this can be an advantage and we at Harrisons agree.

The bottom line is you know your house better than anybody, and are best placed to sell it. In any case, many owners who hire an expensive estate agent end up doing some, if not most of the viewings themselves.

The main thing to be aware of though, is that it is vital to make sure that your property will feature on portals such as Rightmove, Zoopla, and PrimeLocation given that nine out of 10 buyers start their property search there. This means that by going with some online agents that advertise fees equivalent to a good night out, your marketing will solely rely on their ability to reach the right buyers.

The majority of Estate agents claim they give sellers the edge by using local market knowledge to price your property accurately and  claim that they have a list of willing buyers on their books, however you will find that most property searches now start online, and customer databases are so large, that often a large proportion of the clients have either already found a property, or are no longer looking. There are now also so many useful and easy to use valuation tools to find online, that having an agency matters less and less.

At Harrisons, we are now offering the services of an Online Agent, with the advantage of a high street presence where the customer can now sell their home for the price of £795+vat.

For this price, we will do all that a traditional Estate agent will do with the exception of the viewings. However, we have numerous packages available which allow you, the customer to choose how you want to market your home,which is why our company policy is “Your Home, Your Way, Our Priority” . Expect good value for money from a team who care and this is reflected in the service that we provide for you. We are not just any agent.

We are your agent and we aim to do things with as much customer focus as possible. We do not over value, and we are realistic about how we price your property, and we want you to have a positive experience in buying or selling your house. You the client are important to us and we also want you to come back time and time again.


  • By Andrew Harrison – Managing Director & Owner of Harrisons Estate Agent, 500 Wellsway, Bath, BA2 2UD



Andrew Harrison

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